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 #sym GAMING | temp server

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PostSubject: #sym GAMING | temp server   #sym GAMING | temp server Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 2:05 pm

#systematic GAMING is now offering its very own nonsteam server.
The IP is

-The server is a TEMPORARY SERVER
-It plays the same maps as JP's server =) *most of them*
-I will NOT be changing the maps, unless i feel like it.
-LOL there is only 6 slots.
-If there is a password and the following players are in the server (tkna. tournesol or DarK AQ) I WILL NOT BE TAKING THE PASSWORD OFF.
-It wont be online much, only when me and my friends feel like playing.
-It has a few spikes, im sorry but my dad goes on the internet and a few times u will get 100ping. *once every 5mins*
-It will never be used for clan wars. Smile
-Its a fun server lol.
-There is only ONE admin, and that is me. That is because i will always be next to the computer that is hosting and can kick, ban or whatever. If i am away from the computer, it will be for a maximum of 30mins or i would have already shut down the server.
-I am sorry if i have kicked you, but if u are lagging i will kick you and possibly ban you for an hour.

Thank you and hope to see you playing Smile
This server is hosted thanks to http://www.sym-gaming.forumotion.com
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#sym GAMING | temp server
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