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 Australian Non-Steam CS1.6 Community

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PostSubject: Australian Non-Steam CS1.6 Community   Australian Non-Steam CS1.6 Community Icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2008 8:02 am

I have recently created a new Australian Non-Steam CS1.6 Community, which will become a CS:S community if it is popular with alot of members.
The site is www.auserver.onlinegamingboard.com

It is only a forum atm but will soon become a full webpage.
BTW, the only way to enter wars and scrims on my server, is to register on this forums. I really want it to be something big where everyone will go to. I am aiming currently for at least 50members because that is how many different people I see playing in CS1.6 Non-Steam.
Please support it. And BTW, if you do not join it, you cannot war in my server. There are rewards for those who are active in that community, such as rights to book the server for their personal wars and scrims. So spread the news to EVERYONE!

PS: There is a banlist for the server and community, so please do not do anything stupid on it.
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Australian Non-Steam CS1.6 Community
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